Barnicoat House undergoes extensive refurbishment.

Barnicoat House Nelson - Brown & Syme to paint the exterior and interior of the house

We're delighted to be part of refurbishing Barnicoat House at Nelson College with our task to paint the interior and exterior of the building.

With most of the scaffolding in place, we can commence the exterior painting. It will be interesting to see how the building will look after a fresh coat of paint. The refurbishment is a huge project (see the plans below), we envisage our part of the project will take around 6 months.

Built in 1931 Barnicoat House is named after the Honourable JW Barnicoat, one of the foundation Governors of Nelson College and a member of the Council of Governors for nearly 50 years.  Barnicoat was one of two boarding houses commissioned by the Board of Governors following the 1929 Murchison earthquake.

Barnicoat House Refurbishment Plans 2015

Exterior painting of buildings in Nelson  Painting building at Nelson College - Brown & Syme Painters Nelson
The building before the scaffolding going up! 

Scaffolding up ready for painting the exterior of Barnicoat House Nelson College  Painting the exterior of Barnicoat House Nelson College
Scaffolding up and ready to paint!

Have you got a building/s that you'd like to refurbish? We are happy to do a Property Assessment to investigate the state of the building and what needs attention, we can also discuss painting maintenance and will provide you with a budget estimate. Interested? Contact us, Brown & Syme Painters & Decorators - located in Nelson and Christchurch.


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