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Choosing office colours to enhance your office space

Colour can greatly influence human emotion and behaviour, so it makes sense that what colours you choose to paint your office or retail space can have a dramatic effect on your clients, other visitors and your staff.

How to correctly use a ladder

You've got a painting project planned and you've got some high points to paint, but do you know how to choose a safe ladder and use it safely?

Barnicoat House undergoes extensive refurbishment.

We've been lucky to land the contract to paint the interior and exterior of Barnicoat House at Nelson College.

Did you know that colours impact on our mood?

You may be starting to see the world in shades of grey, so we suggest you beat those winter blues by brightening up your home and giving it a boost of energy

Is winter a good time to paint your home?

The simple answer is yes! Here’s 7 great reasons to hire a professional painter and decorator and start your painting project today:

What type of paint is on my walls?

Many people ask, what type of paint is on my walls? Well we've got a handy tip to help you find out!

Colour tips for painting your home or business

Brown & Syme Painters & Decorators predominantly use Dulux or Resene products. Both provide great advice on colour selection and colour care for your home and business.

20 ideas to inspire your blog

Feeling bereft of ideas for blog posts? Read on...

20 tips to write a good blog article

I few ideas to get you blogging in style!