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Provide Specialty Paint Coatings specific to your needs, services provided include: 

Intumescent Fire Coatings

When it comes to fire protection, every risk must be considered to ensure that loss of life and property are kept to a minimum.

Brown & Syme provide a range of fire stopping intumescent products to protect and stop the surface spread of fire, whether they are ceilings, floors, doors, roofs and walls.

We can apply these safety standards to the protection of historical buildings as well as new structures.

Sports Coatings

Whether you are contemplating one court or a complex, the final decision on what surface you choose depends on a number of factors. Lasting power, grip, aesthetic appeal, maintenance and cost are all major considerations.

Sports coatings provide a long wearing, weather resistant surface ideal for tennis, netball, basketball, volleyball and general playground areas, which can be applied to any suitably prepared concrete or asphalt surface, in a range of rich colours. The choice is yours.

Sports coating surfaces respond excellently to all tennis strokes, provide excellent grip - even under adverse conditions and will give years of wear without recoating, unlike other inferior surfaces that tend to break down in heavy play areas such as the base line, which creates a polished effect which can become slippery in damp conditions.

Sports coatings excellent non-wearing characteristics provide long term safety in all weather conditions.

The surface is easily cleaned and maintenance free.

A quick hose down is all that's needed, no weeds, no sand leveling, no heavy play after rain and skid-resistant in the wet.

The surfaces are based on 100% acrylic resins, internationally renowned for their excellent exterior durability and resistance to ultraviolet sun rays.

Two different textures can be applied for tennis surfaces by experienced applicators, to promote fast, medium or slow play, depending on your requirements.

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