Did you know that colours impact on our mood?

With winter already here… You may be starting to see the world in shades of grey, so we suggest you beat those winter blues by brightening up your home and giving it a boost of energy!

Did you know that colours impact on our mood?  Ancient cultures have been decorating for centuries using colour to heal the mind and body and even today, colour is recognised to have a significant effect on the way we feel.

Employ colour strategically in your home and you’ll draw energy and comfort from its walls all winter long. Colours should inspire you, help you feel at home and reflect who you are.

You may decide to take the opportunity to design a new look for the interior of your home when choosing to repaint. Before deciding on what colour shades to use, think about how the walls will look when the room is furnished. Also, keep in mind that different colours affect people’s senses as one moves about the house.

The 2015-2016 trends have come around to perennial favourites – deep blue reds, the striking tone of black and near black, the soothing restfulness of duck egg blue and greyed blues and the bold pops of orange and yellow to add a touch of upbeat liveliness. Read more from Resene about "Paint colour trends for 2015-2016" -  also check out "What's your colour personality?" 

Is winter a good time to paint your home? The simple answer is YES! Read more about this here.

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