Is winter a good time to paint your home?

The simple answer is yes!

Here’s 7 great reasons to hire a professional painter and decorator and start your painting project today:

  1. Builders and property developers don’t wait for spring or summer time to hire a painter so neither should you.
  2. We use modern paints that dry quickly and adhere well.
  3. Unlike what can happen in summer, there will be no problem with humidity during winter.
  4. Painters are traditionally not as busy during winter, whereas they can be flat out and booked months in advance during the spring and summer months.
  5. You might be able negotiate a better price with your painter over this quieter period.
  6. They can assist you with colour selection
  7. They use the best paint and materials to maximise the value of your home, especially if you’re planning on selling it during the spring.

Hiring a professional painter and decorator can be easier than you think! And a lot more cost effective than you may have thought… Why not contact us to find out more information.

And lastly here are some handy tips on “How to add value to your home in winter” 

Nelson Painters, Christchurch Painters - Paint your home in winter

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